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Stable Moments®

Community Mentor Program

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“Stable Moments” is a Nationally accredited, trauma responsive program specifically designed for children with complex developmental trauma who have been affected by foster care, ages 3-17. Stable Moments’ mission is to improve the life course of foster and adopted children through equine assisted learning and community mentorship. Harmony IN Horses is the 25th licensed Stable Moments ® program in the US and the first program in Indiana.

Weekly mentor sessions are designed to help create a strong foundation and equip the child to make healthy choices and value themselves. An individualized plan is designed to highlight the child’s strengths & challenges, and activities are chosen accordingly.  Structured Equine Assisted Learning activities help develop life skills such as emotional awareness, self-regulation, anger management, accountability, healthy relationships and appropriate boundaries, just to name a few.

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Individual Plan of Care

Every child has an Individual Plan of Care that is developed specifically to address their trauma needs. During each 10-month session, three life skills are addressed and data is gathered in pre, midway, and post-assessments, as well as daily activity logs. 

           Life Skills

The Stable Moments curriculum has boiled down all the life skills we develop into 6 categories including: Self- Esteem, Responsibility, Self Regulation, Emotional Awareness, Healthy Relationships and Independence.


Our equine and non-equine, trauma-informed activities are color-coded so mentors can easily choose activities based on the plan of care.

Progress Summaries

Tracking progress is important to us. We do this through pre- and post-test assessments, as well as activity logs completed by mentors at the end of each session. With this quantitative and qualitative data we are able to develop summaries to demonstrate each child's progress and our program's overall impact.


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The show where we discuss all things related to the foster care system and early childhood trauma. From foster parents, trauma experts, former foster kids and beyond, we’ll take a deep dive into the complexities of the foster care crisis in an effort to better understand how to fix it!

Stable Moments Podcast

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